Christianity 201

August 29, 2011

Why Did God Make Poisonous Snakes?

When your blog is called Christianity 201, you have the freedom to delve into all kinds of “deeper” questions, but today’s is, I have to admit, a little different than what normally appears in this space.  Still, before you can answer even a child’s question like, “Why did God create mosquitoes?” you have to at least do some serious consideration about creation, including what you believe about the earth in a pre-fall condition [Adam’s fall, not pre-autumn!] versus its state in a post-fall condition. 

Rick Oliver has a PhD from the University of California and is a bit of an expert on rattlesnake venom.  In the article you’re about to link to, he poses questions about the nature of snakes, which seem to be ‘born to kill.’

Other aspects of snake design don’t have any obvious use in the original creation. They seem clearly designed for this cursed world. So we can probably rule out mutations or changes in habitat.

  • Did God add these features to snakes at the Curse?
  • Did God design the original snakes with these features, knowing that Adam would sin and that snakes would soon need them in a fallen world?
  • Did God place these designs in the original snakes’ genes, but they were not expressed until after the Curse as snakes had offspring and spread over the earth (mediated design)?
  • Did these designs arise in other ways, which we have not yet considered but are consistent with Scripture? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Some believers don’t like to be drawn into the creation-science debate, considering it peripheral to serious Bible study. However, I think it’s necessary — without being a science expert — to have a ‘take’ on this issue; I see at as part of our mandate to “always be ready to give an answer [or account]” for what we believe.  I Peter 3:15

So click this link with me, and spend a few minutes seeing where your theology meets up with spiders, mosquitoes and snakes.

[Thanks to the blog, Strengthened by Grace for highlighting this topic.]

February 2, 2011

Action Prayers

Paul Clark, Operations Pastor at Fairhaven Church in Centerville, Ohio posted this as the church recently completed an “Action Series” of messages by having the congregation join in this prayer.  As I studied this, I added some emphasis to the action petitions in each section.

Father, I thank you that your beauty and glory are beyond anything I can comprehend. Please open my eyes to your wonders so that my heart is filled with awe.

Father, I thank you that your love for me is astonishing; far beyond anything I can understand. The cross of Christ demonstrates the depth of your love. Help me to believe that Jesus’ sacrifice is the ultimate proof that I am your treasure.

Father, I know that your extravagant love demands something special from me. I offer you all of my life. I will hold nothing back. Help me respond wholeheartedly.

Father, help me to realize that your extravagant love can transform me. It can make my heart pure and holy and acceptable in your sight. Please fill my thoughts with becoming more like you.

Father, I want to love you passionately, from the depths of my soul. Please create in me that kind of love. Help me to feel it intensely. Help me to share it freely. Help me to give it back to you authentically.

Father, I am amazed that you have chosen me. You have a future for me that’s worth everything. Please give me a vision of eternity so that I would live each day on purpose, being one step closer to that day.