Christianity 201

April 26, 2010

Servant: Come Jesus Come

The Christian rock band Servant was formed out of a community, The Highway Missionary Society; a similar relationship that their contemporaries, Resurrection Band, shared with their community, Jesus People USA.

This song, Come Jesus Come is actually the title song from the album, World of Sand.   It’s origins lie in a very early “Jesus Music” recording released by the Highway Missionaries that I believe was part of a musical.

…Now as I stand, amidst my shattered dreams
Somehow I think for the first time
Yes I really believe I’m
Ready to accept your love

Come Jesus, come I’m ready
Come Jesus, come and show me
Your way, your truth, your life…

Yes, there were powerful Christians songs long before today’s modern worship.

If you know more of the history, feel free to leave a comment; and if anyone knows an online location of their song Love Never Fails, I’ll post it here sometime as well.