Christianity 201

May 7, 2010

Christ in the Shoe Department

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This is from a Catholic-oriented blog, Franciscan Quote of the Day.  The actual title is “In The Shoe Department of the East Brunswick Kohls.”   (Kohl’s is an American department store, similar to The Bay in Canada or maybe Marks & Sparks in the UK.)

I encourage you take some time and browse some of the entries on this site.  You may find something that resonates uniquely with where you’re at today.

And then I thought: I’ve been getting this all wrong. Christ is not just in the comfortable, familiar places, like my hometown and among my neighbors. He is here, too, amid the roads clogged with traffic, the miles of strip shopping malls and clearance racks. God knows we have to live in a material world. He knows we need to clothe and care for our children. Christ has found a way to show Himself to me, in this present moment, in the shoe department of the East Brunswick Kohl’s.

~Allison Salerno, “Because Christ is Everywhere—Even in the Shoe Department” (on the blog Why I Am Catholic)