Christianity 201

July 15, 2010

Something, Anything

Today I had a brief conversation with a woman who was looking for a book containing The Lord’s Prayer to give to a couple of grandsons who are not (yet) part of God’s Kingdom.   The boys are both around ten years old.  Twins perhaps.   We looked at some picture books, but they seemed rather juvenile for age ten.  I made some suggestions that I thought were better, but of course, she already had her mind made up.

I thought it was interesting that, by extension, she thought that the boys not knowing The Lord’s Prayer was the situation to be remedied.   On the one hand, I can see how an older person, raised with elementary school readers which contained scripture portions, and a school day that began both with the national anthem and the prayer, would find it a bit of a travesty that a new generation of kids don’t know the words to Jesus model of communication with God the Father.

On the other hand, these kids need Jesus, not knowledge or awareness of a particular form.   It was almost a Protestant version of, “They don’t know the Hail Mary;” or “They don’t pray the rosary.”   The “Our Father” prayer is a beautiful prayer, taking into account so much of what conversing with God is all about.

But it seemed like a rather desperate — and even random — act.  “Give me something, anything…”

We were part of a group of seven people, so this particular exchange was rather atypical, but I wish I had told her this:   ‘Don’t give them a book, give them Jesus.   Tell them who He is and who He is to you.    Tell them there is something [someone] in their lives they are missing and point them in the direction of the Jesus of the Gospels, not just the prayer He taught.

Maybe buying a book is easier.