Christianity 201

November 1, 2010

Worship His Majesty: Extra Verses

As I explained today at Thinking Out Loud; I wasn’t sure yesterday which post should go on which blog, so today they’re reversed.   Except you guys get a video, too!

Recently, the topic of writing extra verses to worship songs and hymns has come up here and in other forums. There are times that a particular worship service almost demands some additional lyrics, and as long as you’re not making a recording, and the verses are consistent with the spirit of the original, I would encourage worship leaders to do this.

We spent the weekend looking for some that I did many, many years ago when the chorus Majesty by Jack Hayford was popular.  If you don’t the original first verse, it’s posted below with lyrics on the video. We decided to post them here for safekeeping! (Musicians: There’s a few ties and triplets used here to make the rhythm work.)

Liberty. Glorious liberty.
He has loosed the chains and weights
that imprisoned my soul
Liberty. Setting my Spirit free.
Taking away guilt and disgrace
Making me whole

So arise, sound forth His praise
Your sins are forgiven
Jesus Christ, with His own life
Has brought our release

Liberty. Glorious liberty.
Once we were slaves, now we are saved

Victory. Living in victory
For Christ Jesus has conquered the forces of sin
Victory. Permanent victory
Casting out fear; casting out death
Assuring we win

So stand up, go forth to fight
knowing we triumph.
Not by human power and might
By His Spirit alone.

Victory. Eternal victory.
Leading the way, through all life’s days
Taking me home.

additional lyrics © 1991 Paul Wilkinson