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July 30, 2012

Frances J. Roberts Quotations

Frances J. Roberts (1918-2009) was a songwriter, poet, and the author of nine books. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute, Frances served as a state director for Child Evangelism Fellowship, taught at a Spanish mission school, and worked as a professional accompanist. Eighty-eight of her hymns have been published. In 1964, she founded The King’s Press and began releasing books. Over the last 30 years, she has sold over 1.5 million books. Frances has four grown children, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She lived in Southern California and died June 23, 2009 in Ojai, Calif.

While with CEF she wrote the popular “Wordless Book Song” during her tenure
. Of her other works, only Come Away My Beloved is still in print in the original, but you can also get updated editions of Make Haste My Beloved and Progress Of Another Pilgrim. She also wrote, On the Highroad of Surrender, Dialogs with God , Total Love, When the Latch is Lifted, Listen to the Silence, Learn to Reign; all of which are out of print.

Note: In a style similar to the currently popular Jesus Calling, Frances J. Roberts sometimes writes as God speaking directly. Also the style is very King-James-English, but I do not for a minute believe the intention here is to supplant scripture in any way. All of the following are from Frances J. Roberts Inspirations.

Do not walk in the path of human reason, and resist the pressures that would project you into conjectures about the future. Live one day at a time! Simply striving to bring joy to your Father’s heart is enough to keep you occupied. For you know that He loves you, and you will find your peace as you rest in Him.

Only relinquish all things into My hands: for I can work freely only as ye release Me by complete committal both of thyself and others. Even as was written of old: “Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust also in Him: and He shall bring it to pass”. (Psalms 37:5) I will be thy sustaining strength; and My peace shall garrison thy mind. Only TRUST ME that all I do is done in love.

Seek Me early; seek Me late; Seek Me in the midst of the day. Ye need Me in the early hours for direction and guidance and for My blessing upon thy heart. Ye need Me at the end of the day to commit into My hands the day’s happenings both to free thyself of the burdens and to give them over into My hands that I may continue to work things out. And ye need Me more than ever in the busy hours, in the activities and responsibilities, that I may give thee My grace and My tranquility and My wisdom.

In the biblical account (2 Kings 6:17) Gehazi owed his own safety to Elisha, for God was with Elisha, the man of God, in the form of an angelic host that filled the mountains, and Gehazi, the servant, benefited by going in his company. So shall it be for those who journey with you, as God, seeing your confidence in Him and desire to please Him and do His will, moves in your behalf.

Seek guidance for outer action, but be even more concerned with the desires of the heart, that they be consistent with the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Never did He call upon men for protection, nor even upon angels, although they were sent to minister to Him. It was His own inner unification with the Father’s heart that effected His preservation against all evil that was directed against Him. Even so, your own heart purity determines the extent of your personal preservation.

Cast fear forever from your heart. God’s love protects the sparrow: surely He is near His children who rely on His faithfulness!

Under every burden,
…..God will slip His hand.
Every gulf of sorrow,
…..His great love has spanned,
Into every heart-ache,
…..God will our His balm:
Ease the pain and anguish,
…..bring a blessed calm.

There is a way of the Spirit unknown to the natural mind. No barrier can keep you from finding His best except an unyielded will. As long as it is your inmost desire to know the will of God and do it, He Himself will guide and direct in all sorts of surprising ways.

ONLY in the release of the seen do you lay hold on the unseen, My little one. Heaven waits for those who are no longer bound to earth. The degree to which bondages are exchanged for liberties while still in the flesh is in proportion to the extent to which eternal values are held in higher esteem that worldly success and possessions. If a man loves Me, he will hold his soul more precious than his body and will pursue holiness at the expense of wealth; for to follow after that which perishes is to forfeit the prize of the high calling in Christ.

There is no place in the kingdom of heaven for a divided heart. It is in the division that love is lost; and to lose My love, My child, is to lose what cannot be regained. For a loving heart is a vessel of light and mercy. It is a receptacle into which I pour My grace. It is untarnished by avarice and indifferent to the call of worldly ambition.

To be united with Me in total dedication to My highest will protects the soul from forces of destruction. There is no safety in external circumstances. The only shield for the spirit of man is My presence. It is written, “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.” (Psalm 34:7) This is your safe-keeping, My child, and My love is your reward.

Keep your eye on the end of the course. Victory is secured already. Do not let the hurdles cause thee consternation. Stay in the running. Verily, I am at thy side. According to each day shall thy strength be; and the race is not to the swift, but the obedient shall receive the prize.

For adversities must of necessity come. They are part of the pattern of life’s pilgrimage for every individual; and who can escape them? But I say unto thee, that for those who walk in Me, and for those who are encircled by the intercessory prayers of My children, I shall make of the suffering, yea, shall make of the trials a stepping stone to future blessing. (2 Corinthians 4:17,18)

My will shall be done regardless of the flaws in thy life, if ye count upon the power of My righteousness. I do not work only in cases where there are no obstacles; but I glory in over-ruling the prevailing circumstances, and I take pleasure in bringing victories in those places where no victory is anywhere in sight.

His desire to bless you goes infinitely beyond your own personal desire to secure His blessing. There is always peace in His presence. Do not disturb this by anxiety to know what is in store for tomorrow. Out of the very tranquility of worship will be born the guidance you need.

January 22, 2011

Captivated By A Person

Peter Mead is full-time with Operation Mobilization in the UK.  He blogs at Biblical Preaching where this article appeared this week under the title, Shine the Light on the Core Issue

It struck me afresh recently that many in our churches may be missing a very crucial element of Christianity.

They know the answers, they’ve prayed the prayer, they go to church, they live good lives, they may even witness (or they know that they should), they have grown to enjoy Christian gatherings, they see the emptiness of the world’s alternatives, they can explain the gospel, they look the part, they serve the church, they teach the children, they give to the collection, they make sacrificial decisions, they pray and they mean it and on it goes.  So much Christianity wrapped up in one life, but yet, what is missing?


Christianity is not religion, nor is it ecclesiology, nor is it church participation, nor moral and ethical living, nor family tradition, nor schedule commitments, nor participation in a social gathering, nor any number of other things people seem to make it.  Christianity is about being in relationship with Christ.

When I first met my future wife and then returned home to England I spoke about her to folks here.  I remember one particular conversation.  I was enthusing about the person who I thought I might actually get to marry.  He was melancholic about the whole concept of relationships.  I shared information about her.  He shared complaints about the whole structure of dating and courting and marriage in his experience.  I talked about her.  He had yet more to say about the “institution” of romance.

I suppose you could observe that we were talking about the same thing.  The difference was that I was captivated by a person, he was not.

I wonder how many in the church today are ticking the boxes and we all assume they are safely in the family of God, but actually they are not.  One of the most overlooked verses in all of Scripture is in I Cor.16 where Paul states that “if any man does not love Christ, he is accursed.”  Perhaps we should be far slower to assume people are already born again based on the indicators of their confession, conduct and church participation.  Perhaps we should be looking for that delight that comes only from someone who knows someone special.  And perhaps in our preaching we should look for ways to shine the light of the Word beyond the peripheral issues, through the created “christian” structures that people hold to be their faith, and show the empty place where Christ should be captivating the heart and changing everything from the inside out.

– Peter Mead

Peter’s current product involves giving leadership to Cor Deo, a full-time mentored study and ministry training programme lasting five months involving  studying together during the week, then participating in ministry together during the weekends.  For further information about Cor Deo, either to pray for the ministry, or to find out more about participating, the Cor Deo website is