Christianity 201

September 1, 2011

Spiritual War: Rules of Engagement

Renown pastor and author Jack Hayford:

…The darkness is deepening — but the Word of God sounds a trumpet blast of faith inspiring promise: Where sin abounds grace much more abounds!  It is the grace that flows from the cross and the grace the graced that flowed to each of us who have met the savior there. And it is also the same grace filling and overflowing each of us who open to those overflowing “streams of living water” that is available to every believer who will receive that full endowment of the Holy Spirit, Jesus prophesied. It is the “river” that provides power to live for Christ to grow in the Word and prayer and power to follow the Kingdom’s King — Jesus — as He leads us to “stand therefore” becoming equipped for battle.

In His name, by the Word of His promise and the blood of His cross through which he triumphed over the authority of all dark powers, let us learn and apply His triumph. Those are the grounds and His power in the Spirit is the way. Applied in prayer in simple faith made bold through the truth it can — and will — pierce like a sword, cut through the bonds of darkness, and release the lost from shame, futility, enslaving addiction, sickness, and eternal loss.

~Jack Hayford, Penetrating the Darkness (p.13)


July 13, 2010

You Are My King: Additional Verse

Nearly 20 years ago, the #1 worship song was “Majesty” by Jack Hayford. I always felt that the song needed more, so I wrote two additional verses to it. Someone suggested I sent a “courtesy copy” to Jack, and he was kind enough to write back a short note of encouragement, which I have always treasured. (Perhaps treasured too greatly, as I have now lost track as to where it was placed!) He also indicated that I was not the first person to do this; but that none of the various editions had been ‘officially’ adopted at Church on the Way in Van Nuys, CA The congregation at our Alliance Church was willing to try them, and we used them at several other churches as well.

Last week I participated in an online discussion about adding verses to classic hymns, and today I discovered this second verse I wrote several years ago to the popular “You Are My King.” I actually wrote a third verse, too; but didn’t feel that it carried the style and quality of the other two, so I discarded it. Anyway, here it is. I also want to thank Sarah Barry who was leading worship at Carruther’s Creek Church in Ajax, Ontario the first time I heard the original version of this chorus. Though we’ve never met — I know her parents — the quality and passion of her worship leading is among the best in this part of the world.

I’m forgiven because you were forsaken
I’m accepted; you were condemned
I’m alive and well, your Spirit is within me
Because you died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be?
That you, my King, would die for me? Amazing love, I know it’s true
And it’s my joy to honor you
In all I do, I honor you

I am justified because of your atonement
I am guiltless; you took my place
I am free and clear because of grace and mercy
Because you died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be?…

~ First verse, chorus and tune by Billy James Foote; additional vs. by Paul Wilkinson… here’s the original without the added verse: