Christianity 201

December 11, 2010

Things That Matter

I’m going to flesh this out a bit more later in the week at Thinking Out Loud, but I wanted to sketch it out here first.

If you click the link (at right) for Alltop, and read the things that people write about on some of the top Christian blogs, it’s easy to get really confused.  Yes, confused.   It’s easy to think, ‘Okay, these guys are the top Christian bloggers, and if these are the issues they write about, then these things must be really important.’

In other words, to make the mistake of thinking that their issues should also be your issues.   To get sucked into the wrong idea that the things pastors and Christian leaders are blogging about are key to Christian faith, growth and understanding.

To my fellow bloggers — especially those of you just getting started — don’t be so deceived.   Write about the things that matter to you; the things that you think are important.   Pour out your heart.   Be transparent.   Write about what you know and confess relative ignorance of things you don’t.   Don’t feel the need to respond or “have a take” on the so-called “issues of the day.”

Write about the things that you are passionate about.   Write about things that begin in your story, how you came to friendship with Jesus Christ, and what He’s been doing in your life lately, and what you’ve been learning as you’ve read His book.

Today’s sidebar

…Last Sunday, I walked up to a guy I hadn’t seen in a few months.   I asked how the family was, and then asked how his business is going.  And then… “and how are things going spiritually?”

He said something back like, “Wow!  That’s the question.”   It turned out things are going pretty good, actually, but he was still a little surprised by my asking the question.

How much of the time we spend “fellowshiping” in church is actually spiritual fellowship?   Make a difference in someone’s life by asking the right questions, by steering the conversation to things that matter.