Christianity 201

April 24, 2019

Faithful in Little; Faithful in Much

Today we return to the writing of Sarah Jo who writes at Blind Insanity. Click the header below to read at source and then take a minute to look around the rest of her blog.

Faithful in a Little

I attended a leadership conference put on by CBMC (Christian Businessmen’s Connection). I am obviously not a businessman, but this was an open leadership conference, with five speakers; two of which were women…

The biggest takeaway I got … comes from a verse shared by one of the speakers:

 He who is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much. He who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. (Luke 16:10)

As I kept meditating on that verse, I was reminded of all the times I’ve cried out to God for a greater purpose, a greater calling. And I just feel ashamed of that prayer.

Yes, it would be great to do big and awesome things for God, but He is the One Who decides what is a “big” thing, not me.

I have called my current life and ministries “little things,” but those are the things God has called me to be faithful in. Anything God has called me to do is priceless and worth whatever price I must pay.

Whether my calling seems grand or seems humble, my resolve to serve well and to make the most of every opportunity should be the same.

I am not a prominent business leader. I have not inspired hundreds of people, but if I have cast a vision of Christ into one soul, that is enough.

The whole purpose of my life is not the pursuit of happiness or the satisfaction of my basic needs; it is the glory of Christ.

I don’t always live like that.

Too often, I live like my purpose is to be comfortable and have everything I need.

Just last night, as I was about to leave my house to spend the night at my parents, I went downstairs and found that the drain for my kitchen sink and clothes washer was blocked up. There was a mix of soapy water just sitting above the drain in the floor.

My first response was, “Jesus, why?!” And I have to confess that it has weighed heavy on my mind since then… but that is a very little thing. The answer is simple; trust God, face the problem, and take care of it.

Ultimately, God provides, and the hardships we face become a part of our past; important steps in our growth in Christ.

So, I choose to make the most of the life God has given me right here and now.

I choose to lead well in the sphere of influence God has presented me with.

And I choose to glorify Christ every step of the way.

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