Christianity 201

February 2, 2012

Condense Your Faith Essentials into a 4-Minute Video

There’s been much reaction online to a spoken word video produced by Jefferson Bethke, which is now over the 18,000,000 mark in terms of page views.  Maybe you’ve heard it already, but I’ll post it here for those who haven’t run across it.  What is important to you?  What is the greatest point you would want to make if you had access to a worldwide, diverse audience?  For Jefferson, it was the contrast between Christianity and religion.

For David Bowden, it was the scriptures.  I found this today — it was posted back in September — on the blog of Stephen Cole who is a worship leader at who introduced it with this:

The word of God, the Bible, is so necessary in the walk of a Christian. I know that’s not new knowledge but it’s a reminder of the power and gift we have in the Word. In our times of doubt, in our times of need, pain, frustration….the word brings us truth, hope, perseverance, and encouragement to keep on keeping on. I know in January … we all make these commitments to “do something different”. My challenge to us is to “be something different” . And not according to what “we” believe is the right way to live but the way “He” believes we are to live. We can’t just figure that out in glimpses of the Bible. We must fully submerge ourselves.

A friend of mine, David Bowden, put this spoken word piece together. This is what I’m talking about.

So…..Do you believe in the scriptures? And if so, does your life reflect them?

There are tons of resources out there but one way I engage God each day is through YouVersion, a Bible app and website my church put together. There are tons of reading plans and it’s always with you. Very useful in my walk with the Lord. Like I sad, there are a ton of ways to do it. Just be intentional.

So what would your four-minute video look like?  Or sound like?  Or say?

Personally, I might go with something like this.

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