Christianity 201

August 10, 2011

When a Pumpkin Isn’t a Pumpkin

The blog Meeting in the Clouds is a repository of simply great illustrations that may be used with adults or children.  As a bonus, its author, Cloudwatcher, is a regular reader here at C201.  While some readers here like their “201” material to be deep, sometimes a simple illustration can penetrate the heart better than all the advanced study.   This one appeared last week under the title, Deceptive Pumpkins.

Some ducks found a good feeding place in the reeds growing in a quiet stream.

A group of boys laid a plan to catch them. They began by placing pumpkins in the water and letting the stream carry them down to where the ducks were swimming. At first, the ducks were nervous and moved away, but it wasn’t long before they found there was no harm in the pumpkins and they ignored them as they floated nearby them.

Then came the second part of the boys’ plan. Each boy scooped out the inside of a pumpkin and made two small holes to see through. Then they placed the hollow pumpkins over their heads and quietly slipped into the stream. Allowing only the orange decoys to show above the water, they moved slowly and quietly towards their victims.

Suddenly, when the boys were in position, each boy grasped a duck’s legs from under the water and each captured an unsuspecting prey.

In much the same way, the devil sends deceptive “pumpkins” of temptation down the river of life.  At first, we think we can live with them and experience no harm. Then, often when it is too late, we find ourselves in the clutches of an evil habit or sinful activity.

*  How often has one “tried” the “pumpkin” of a “harmless” drug with the thought that just once won’t hurt?

*  How often has just one look at the “pumpkin” of an “adult” magazine or movie fed a deep-seated urge which became irresistible?

*  How often has the “pumpkin” of a desire to be “part of the group” led to many sinful activities?

*  How often has the “pumpkin” of the “good life” of others caused many to be envious and seek to “keep up with the Jones’s”?

*  How often has the “pumpkin” of the pride of life caused many to lie, lie again, cheat, steal etc?

*  How often has the “pumpkin” of personal pride caused anger, grudges, false gossip, even physical harm to others?

*  How often has the “pumpkin” of “Me, me, me, me” caused loss of fellowship with God and deviation from His will?

*  How often has the “pumpkin” of self-sufficiency caused us failure and loss of the experience of God’s all-sufficiency?

*  How often does the “pumpkin” of “circumstances” cause us to doubt God’s care?

 What other “pumpkins” do we need to avoid?

Thankfully, for the Christian,
confession to a loving heavenly Father,
together with repentance and a dependence on His enabling,
can break that sin.
We find forgiveness, cleansing and power to resist further attacks,
but we must be vigilant.
We must put on the whole armour of God
and stand in the victory gained for us by our Saviour.

#  The devil is a masterful artist. He camouflages evil to make it look good.

#  If you don’t want to trade with the devil, keep out of his shops.

#  One reason sin flourishes is that we treat it as cream puffs instead of a rattle snake.

#  One sin tolerated and enjoyed will make way for every other.

Sin cannot be reduced to manageable proportions.



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  1. Thank you. I pray some will be challenged by the message and some will use it in their ministry to challenge others.

    Comment by meetingintheclouds — August 12, 2011 @ 4:47 am | Reply

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