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July 30, 2011

Spectacularizing Our Faith

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Yes, I know there’s no such word…

…Sometimes I fear that Christians advertise an experience that isn’t terribly authentic.  If we advertise something on the can but it’s not true, then we’ll set people up for disappointment and crisis of faith.  But it’s not really a crisis of faith — just faith as advertised and promoted by us.

…I think we must avoid the temptation to dress up our experience of faith and make it just a tad more spectacular than it really is.  I don’t know about you… but I am never sure about whether God is speaking to me, even after being a Christian for over thirty-five years.  At times I am unable to tell the difference between the voice of the eternal God and the meanderings of my own imagination.  And to those who point to the happy chats that the Almighty had with various folks in the Old Testament, I would want to remind them that sometimes there were many years of silence between those dramatic encounters.  We don’t do God or God’s people any favours when we insist that faith is about skipping from one dramatic, epic moment to another.

~Jeff Lucas in Seriously Funny by Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass (Authentic, 2010)

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