Christianity 201

April 19, 2011


By their blogs ye shall know them.

If you read someone’s blog over a period of time you should start to see an emerging pattern of the values they hold to be important.  But a quick check of this one today revealed that, after a year, I have never used a word here which actually ranks high in my list of spiritual priorities.

The word is: Christocentric.

It’s a preacher word, to be sure, and I’m not a preacher; but I believe strongly in Christ-centered preaching, Christ-centered worship songs, and Christ-centered fellowship.

Today I got to test my commitment to that ideal.

It was a simple discussions with a man who is a member of a Christian denomination that many of my friends would say doesn’t represent “the real thing.”  We talked about various things, and many spiritual practices and doctrines were mentioned that could have easily hijacked the discussion, or prove to be red herrings that would have simply consumed much time and yielded nothing productive.

So I kept coming back to the things Jesus said and the things Jesus taught.  That’s actually not easy for me because I’m a sucker for all those other debate subjects.  I love a good argument.  There.  I said it.

But it wasn’t the time or place.  It was a time to focus on Jesus, and draw the conversation back to Jesus every time it threatened to go off in a different direction.  I even explained my strategy out loud a few times; something to this effect:  No one will be won to Christ by clever argument or reasoned persuasion or skillful rhetoric; but rather, they will be compelled to follow only when they have looked directly into the face of Jesus and been won by His love.

It was the best conversation of this type I’ve had; and I think the feeling was mutual, especially inasmuch as we ran 90 minutes.  He was in 70’s and I probably should have offered him a chair, but he was as caught up in the discussion as I was.

Of course, as happens in such cases, the rest of the day was pure insanity!!

…So again, today’s word is “Christocentric” meaning Christ-focused.  Take this word and make it yours.


  1. Today many people get confused of interpreting the word of God because of having lack of knowledge of knowing how this word came into being. As a result many people has miss interpreted it and influenced many believers to fall from their christian faith. There are alot of confusion in the world, harks are igure to see its prey,Flying foxes can search to satisfy themselves during the night, despite the darkess. However, human being can’t see the hearts of human being. Yet so quiet and pretending knowing all things because they feel shy to talk. How will we see this tremendous need to fill their hungers? You have already chosen for the harvesting game. And I believe you are ready to open your hearts for these suffering souls. Howevr,we cannot do this work by our own knowledge and strenght but by the Holy Spirit that will inspire, direct, and guide us to implement it sufficiently.As the saying goes, the harvest are ready but no servants to gather the fruits. Be ready to gather the rigth fruits that the Lord , our God had planned for you. And ready to win many souls to be like YOU so That there must be many workers in the vine yard. May God richly Bless You in what you are doing.

    Sorry I’m just a freshment student taking Social and Religious Studies in this Uniniversity, Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea, and I need some information and encouragement from
    you as well. This is because we are also doing what you are doing, that going out evangelizing, and visting prisons in their camp. The work and actions that we posses help people see Christ in us so we must do it faithfully and profoundly with al our hearts. You help and encouragement will be highly appreciated as you are training me to be like you. THANK YOU. ANNA MASOME.First Year Student @ Divine Word University- Papua New Guinea.

    Comment by Anna Masome — July 27, 2011 @ 3:25 am | Reply

  2. I need more detail on christocentricity.What exactly the meaning of this word,how it came into existance,why is it mentioned by the people and the significance behind this terminology called christocentricity.What is the outcome of the teaching of jesus and why is it chistocentric?
    Thank you.
    Wendy Manhi

    Comment by wendy manhi — August 9, 2011 @ 4:53 am | Reply

    • Christocentric is just a different word for Christ-centered. You can have worship songs that are “spiritual” but they are not Christ-centered. You can have sermons that are interesting and informative but they are not Christ-centered. You can have Christian fellowship which is warm and welcoming, but the conversations are not Christ-centered. I don’t know who first coined the term, but believe me, you know when a church, or a sermon or a song or a conversation is Christ-centered, and you know when it isn’t.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — August 11, 2011 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

  3. Christ-O-centric. Wow! This sounds very hectic, but the truth is, it relates to the simplicity of pure christianianity. A true christian needs to be Christlike in all they say, do, think, anticipate, touch, embrace….. You see, you need to be Christocentric. Sitting with Christ in heavenly places at all times. This may all still sound very unconvincing. Christocentricity relates to a christian resolve to emulate the life of Christ in their daily existance. Living your within Christ, with Christ and for Christ. Holding on to nothinbg else but Christ. When I started to minister God told me to name the ministry The Christocentric Church. It was the first time I heard of the word and I did not even know what it meant. Today I preach, teach, minister and impart nothing else but Christocentricism. It is the essence of true Christianity and it belongs to no denomination, but to the elect of Christ. It is not apostleship or anything like that. It is Christocenticism. Being like Christ.

    Comment by Ps Vusilizwe Sibiya — November 15, 2011 @ 3:00 am | Reply

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