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December 13, 2010

From the Intersection of Truth and Grace

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I’ve been asked to review a forthcoming book about homosexuality for my other blog, Turning Controversy into Church Ministry by W. P. Campbell (Zondervan).  I’m halfway through today, but early on, I noted this introductory section from page 13 for inclusion here…

Christ calls us to speak the truth while demonstrating grace.

Jesus did not hide the truth; he called the adulteress to repentance.   But neither did he insult her, condemn her, or throw her out.   His grace embraced her and sent her forth to live a better life.  If he had demonstrated grace without truth, he would have let her stagger down the path of personal destruction.  If he had spoken truth without grace, he would have clubbed her with the law and sentenced her to stoning by the crowd.

Truth and grace — have you ever tried putting those two together without minimizing either?   Without God’s help, it is a daunting task.  Grace without truth pampers, confuses and even deceives.   Truth with grace cuts, wounds, and destroys.   Those who approach thorny matters such as sexual addiction, homosexuality, and adultery with only truth become experts at alienation.   Those who bring love into such discussions but avoid the truth are unable to confront patterns of behavior that hurt self and society.    Both are important; neither can function properly without the other.   Salt is essential for the body, but separated into its two elements, sodium and chloride, it can be deadly.

– W. P. Campbell

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