Christianity 201

November 7, 2010

“We Went to Starbucks and Had Church”

We live in more confusing times than, perhaps, Christians a generation ago.   When people say, “We went for a walk in the park and talked about God.   For us, that was Church;” does that work for you, or do you feel like perhaps they’re missing out on something?

Frank Viola suggests there are seven tests which “The Postchurch” needs to face:

  1. The Original Language Test
  2. The Epistle Test
  3. The Visitation Test
  4. The Narrative Reading Test
  5. The Consistency Test
  6. The One-Anothering Test
  7. The Purposes of God Test

Today’s post here is a link to a rather lengthy article which breaks this down.   I tried to find this on Frank’s blog, but I’ll start you off where I found it, with this re-post at the blog Change Room.

Here’s the link.  You don’t want to miss this.>

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