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August 22, 2010

Stuart Townend — There is a Hope

This is another song from the CD/DVD by Stuart Townend, There is a Hope. I have an extensive review running at Thinking Out Loud, which you can read here...but I also wanted to link back here for a video, since T.O.L. has a distinctive no-embedding policy in deference to people still on dial-up internet access.

For those of you arriving from T.O.L., welcome to Christianity 201.   There are a number of worship songs scattered throughout this blog which I hope you’ll take the time to find.

This is the song which opens the Stuart Townend album and the video.   In the U.K, Christian music compositions are known by their first line, so this is You’re The Word of God the Father.   In the U.S., pieces go by an actual title, so this is, Across the Lands.   Regular C-201 readers can also find the column about Stuart posted as a comment to this post.


  1. He co-wrote In Christ Alone with Keith and Kristen Getty.

    Beyond that, Stuart Townend is perhaps better known in Canada where, despite its 5/4 time signature, How Deep The Father’s Love For Us is currently the 15th most used worship selection according to Christian Copyright Licensing (CCLI). All the more so in England, where Christ Alone ranks first, and How Deep ranks third.

    For my mostly U.S. blog readership, if you have some familiarity with the worship scene in the U.K., you could fairly draw a comparisons between Stuart and Graham Kendrick, though many Americans would still be at a loss since, other than Shine Jesus Shine, very little of Graham’s music has made it stateside, either.

    Which is really too bad. This is worship with a richness and depth that commands your heart’s attention and doesn’t let you walk away without knowing what type of music you’ve experienced.

    What we have instead in North America is a worship agenda very much driven by Christian music execs in Nashville, and wannabe bands who think they have to fit a certain mold in order to achieve success. (Yeah, worship and success in the same sentence; go figure.) We need to distance ourselves from that sometimes, even if takes several thousand miles of ocean to do the distancing.

    Churches in the U.K. don’t bow the knee to Nashville so much. So we find a number of writers there producing something just a little mellower that thereby satisfies the needs of more seasoned church members who want something new and fresh (see Isaiah 42:10) but still like a good melodic tune with a form that doesn’t contain too many melodic exceptions. (That’s my term for various bridges, codas, irregular rhythms, or other variations on the musical form. My belief is that the people can deal with only one exception per song.) (More on the contrast between UK and US worship in this post.)

    What I’m trying to say here is, American Christians, you need someone like Stuart Townend. Someone who can blow in like a breath of fresh air into the present worship scene as a reminder that things don’t always have to look a certain way in order to provide worship connection to our creator God.

    And now you have that opportunity.

    Under pressure from people like me — they call it whining actually — Kingsway Music U.K. has not only released Stuart’s full length album, There Is a Hope, but has included the full DVD recording as a bonus. (There’s even more to the story, they’ve also opened up a full North American branch of Kingsway Music to broaden the music pipeline between the U.K. and North America.)

    For my Canadian readers, if you enjoy the music of Robin Mark or you enjoyed the Today DVD by Brian Doerksen, you will want to add this CD/DVD to your worship collection.

    What you’ll find is a live recording of 14 of Stuart Townend’s songs from a concert in Ireland; though strangely, it’s more like a collection of individual video cuts as there is no spoken patter anywhere. The emphasis is on the songs themselves, and the atmosphere is worshipful to the point there is often no applause as a song concludes.

    But this isn’t just a laid-back worship collection you buy for your grandmother. The band contains some tight performances by players who handle a variety of instruments including valve trombone, flugel horn, Uillean pipes, violin, and the usual rhythm instruments and backup singers. (Steve Hindalong’s name appears in the credits, though I didn’t spy him on the video.) There are also guest vocal appearances by Kelly Minter and Aaron Keyes.

    I first heard of this album, and started pressing for a release of the DVD here, through this song, Behold the Lamb (Communion Song). (Again, for my Canadian readers, very reminiscent of Robin Mark’s The Wonder of Your Cross.) You can never have enough cross-centered worship songs. I’ve also embedded the opening song from the DVD, Across the Lands, last night at Christianity 201.

    I can’t recommend this enough. Find a Christian bookstore and purchase a physical copy (not a download) of the whole album, so that you get the whole DVD as well. Then turn off the mobile phone and the computer, take the other phone off the hook, and enjoy an hour of worship in your own home like no other you’ve had before.

    Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — August 22, 2010 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

  2. […] I first heard of this album, and started pressing for a release of the DVD here, through this song, Behold the Lamb (Communion Song).     (Again, for my Canadian readers, very reminiscent of Robin Mark’s The Wonder of Your Cross.)   You can never have enough cross-centered worship songs.   I’ve also embedded the opening song from the DVD, Across the Lands at my devotional blog, Christianity 201. […]

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  3. Hello where can i purchase this amazing cd/dvd? Robin Mark , Matt Redman, and Stuart Townsend, are the best there are for Godly worship. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Chists’ Blessings. Jennifer

    Comment by Jennifer Figueroa — December 1, 2010 @ 8:44 pm | Reply

    • This is from There is a Hope by Stuart Townend (no ‘s’ in last name) which is available in the U.S. and Canada from Kingsway North America, and may be special-ordered through Christian bookstores. You get the DVD free with the CD. In the UK, the DVD was sold separately. Not sure about other countries.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — December 1, 2010 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

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