Christianity 201

July 30, 2010

It’s How You Live

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I keep coming back to a phrase that I once heard more frequently than I do today:

Religion = Doctrine + Ethics

You can believe all sorts of things to be positionally true, positionally right or even positionally beautiful; but until the positional becomes practical in your comings and goings, it really doesn’t mean a thing.

No wonder James said that faith without works is meaningless.   That verse got sidetracked into a discussion about salvation, but it’s a verse about faith having meaning for your everyday life.

We aren’t saved by what we do, but we possible are not saved if that salvation has not resulted in action.

This wasn’t a problem for the early church, who understood salvation in terms of a “turning.”

For some it’s an “about face,” but for others, it just means increasing focus and devotion to Christ that results in a change in the way we live.

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