Christianity 201

June 16, 2010

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Some of you wouldn’t think of leaving the house without at least a New Testament in your shirt pocket or glove box; let alone heading out on a vacation or a business trip.

But the “format” that Bibles take and the way the next generation approaches Bible reading is always undergoing subtle change.

We have about two hours in the car tomorrow, and we wouldn’t consider doing it without copying a sermon or two for listening to on the car CD player.

Here’s a few I can’t live without!! —

Charles Price — pastor of Peoples Church in Toronto; solid teaching (click on last month and select one of his sermons from the list.)

Francis Chan — I’m a recent convert to catching these messages online; I hope they stay up after he leaves Cornerstone

John Ortberg — Eloquent delivery by one of America’s finest Christian communicators.

Greg Boyd — What’s it been now, seven years studying the book of Luke?   Sometimes controversial, Greg makes us think.  (Click on most recent.)

Bruxy Cavey — A new kind of communicator, Bruxy pastors Canada’s fastest growing church movement, The Meeting House. (Click on teaching.)

(Just in case you missed it; each one of the above is a link!)

Each one of these delivers the solid teaching that previous generations came to expect, but in a style that next-generation Christians can relate to.

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